Founder & CEO

Hironao Kunimitsu


Born in 1974. Entered Atmovie Inc. in May 2004 after graduating from Santa Monica College in the United States.
Became Director the same year, and was put in charge of producing movies and television dramas, as well as developing new business.
Established gumi Inc. in June 2007. Took the role of President & CEO (current).

(Below are main posts being held concurrently with the ones above.)

2012Aprgumi Asia Pte. Ltd. - Director (current)
Novgumi Europe SAS - President (current)
DecAlim Co., Ltd. - Director (current)
2015Margumi Taiwan Ltd. - Director (current)
AugPrimus, Inc. - Representative Director (current)
DecTokyo VR Startups Co., Ltd. - Representative Director (current)


Hiroyuki Kawamoto


Born in 1979. Entered the Development Bank of Japan (now Development Bank of Japan Inc.) in April 2002 after graduating from the School of Economics at Kyoto University.
Transferred to New Business Investment Co. Ltd. (now DBJ Capital Co., Ltd.) in April 2008, engaging in growth support for small to medium and venture enterprises.
Entered gumi Inc. in August 2011, assuming the role of Executive Officer in Charge of Administrative Planning.
Became a Board Director in November 2011, and took the role of COO in March 2016. (current role)

(Below are main posts being held concurrently with the ones above.)

2012Jungumi America, Inc. - CEO (current)
gumi Ventures - President & CEO (current)
2013DecFenris Inc. - President & CEO (current)
Alim Co., Ltd. - Director (current)
2015Margumi Taiwan Ltd. - Director (current)
Maygumi Asia Pte. Ltd. - Director (current)
Julgumi Europe SAS Director (current)
AugPrimus, Inc. - Non-Executive Director (current)
Octgumi China Co., Ltd. - Director (current)


Makoto Motoyoshi


After graduating from Keio University's School of Economics, joined Shinsei Bank, Limited in April 2007 (hereinafter referred to as "Shinsei Bank"). Focused on the M&A of Retail and IT sectors. Engaged in corporate investment business and negotiation support during critical phases in corporate management. From July 2012, managed "gumi Ventures, LP" fund for gumi Inc. and Shinsei Bank, and was seconded to gumi as an investment manager. Managed multiple projects in IT ventures with a focus on Southeast Asia. Joined gumi Inc. in February 2014. Later appointed as an executive officer for Investment and Strategy in July of the same year. Appointed to the Board of Directors in July 2016 (current role).

2007AprJoined Shinsei Bank, Ltd.
2012JulSeconded to gumi Inc.
2014FebJoined gumi Inc.
Julgumi Inc. - Executive Officer
2016Julgumi Inc. - Board of Directors (Current)

Outside Director

Shintaro Takahashi

1989AprJoined Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
2001OctJoined Magclick Inc. (Now GMO AD Partners, Inc.)
2006MarGMO AD Partners, Inc. - President and Representative Director
2008MarGMO Internet, Inc. - Board of Directors
2013MarGMO Internet, Inc. - Managing Director, Group Media Dept.
2015MarGMO AD Partners, Inc. - Chairman of the Board
2016AprIndeed Japan, Inc. - Representative Director, General Manager of Sales Division (current)
Julgumi Inc. - Outside Director (current)

Full-time Auditor

Yuichi Umeda

1975AprTaiyo-Kobe Bank Ltd. (now Mitsu Sumitomo Bank Corp.)
1993AugSakura Investment Advisor Co., Ltd. - Sales Manager
2000OctSakura Bank, Ltd. (Now Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Corp.) Hamamatsucho Branch - Branch Manager
2002MaySocie World Co., Ltd. - Corporate Planning General Manager
2006AprFX PRIME Corp. - Business Administration General Manager's Assistant and Legal Compliance Division Manager
2011Octgumi Inc. - Auditor (current)


Joji Ikegawa

1999OctAGS Consulting Co., Ltd.
2004DecShin Nihon Kansa Hojin (now Shin Nihon Yugen Sekinin Kansa Hojin (Earnest and Young Japan))
2008JunCertified Public Accountant
2009MarAGS Consulting Co., Ltd.
MayCertified Tax Accountant
2010Julgumi Inc. - Auditor (current)
2011JulAoyama Trust Accounting Firm - Director (current)


Gaku Suzuki

1996AprAttorney at Law admitted to practice in Japan
Asahi Law Offices (now Nishimura & Asahi)
2004AprNishimura & Asahi - Partner (current)
2011Novgumi Inc. - Auditor (current)