All engineers can maximize their potential. I want to nurture that environment.

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Masahito Ikuta

[ Career ]

1997 :Participated in the development of a major PC communication service and portal site at a systems company.
2004 :Developed portal sites at a major portal site management company.
2007 :Participated in the development of a processor system of credit settlements at a financial company.
2012 :Joined gumi Inc.. Worked on common system/library development, mobile game development, in charge of internal and external lectures, and other technical study sessions.
2016 :Appointed CTO of gumi Inc.

I asked the CTO how engineers work at gumi Inc. Make note of his passion for gumi's future, and his effort to create a great working environment for engineers!

Tell me about the role of the engineers who support gumi's technology.

In recent years, gumi has produced a number of hit titles, such as "Phantom of he Kill", "Crystal of RE:Union", and "Blazing Odyssey", with our subsidiaries and 3rd party partners. Additionally, the opportunities to work on large IP titles such as FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS have increased; there are a lot of users playing these games.

Therefore, in order to provide a stable service for our users, gumi focuses on partitioning load from an arbitrary number of users, while securing data consistency.

In fact, when looking at the industry as a whole, gumi's ability to provide stable services is world-class. In "Blazing Odyssey" (released in August 2016), more than 100,000 people immediately accessed the game after release, and gumi engineers designed, developed, and operated the servers that took on this load. If you are a server-side engineer with a strong spirit for challenge, I think this provides an environment where you can enjoy yourself.

What are potential challenges for engineers at gumi?

Our philosophy of "First to Try, First to Fail, First to Recover" is firmly rooted within the company, so as engineers, there are many opportunities for challenges.

Through this philosophy, we're already ahead of other companies, taking on many challenges, and have gathered a lot of data from the successful cases from those previous challenges. We also have an API server framework that makes use of this data. In other words, gumi engineers have the advantage of developing based on senior staff's past experiences. Using gumi's unique development environment, which is not found in other companies, I expect engineers to take on the challenge of making new games.

Tell me about future development plans.

In order for users to enjoy stress free and comfortable gaming, we aim to further enhance our development environment. Our top engineers are actively going to conferences like GDC, Google I/O, and Oculus Connect to learn new information about platforms. In terms of production, we plan to add Elixir as an API server development language to pursue new technology. As an additional goal ahead, we aim to create an open source real-time battle server through Erlang.

Also, gumi, which has many overseas offices, is always conscious of our remote work that crosses the border. Currently, we're preparing for a new release at several overseas bases, but in future we plan to strengthen the ability to share technical information among our regional office engineers and to jointly develop a common system.


Tell me about the characteristics of gumi's engineering department.

Recently, we changed the organizational structure of the engineering department. In the past, the affiliation of engineers was divided according to studio and function, but now, engineers who develop games, belong to one department, "Entertainment Engineering", from which they're assigned to each product. By unifying departments into one that everyone belongs to, we made it easier to share technical knowledge. I believe that such an organization will create a favorable environment where engineers can support each other.

Additionally, we developed a mentor system that allows senior engineers to advise career and business concerns of our junior engineers. Engineers can best understand the issues/troubles of engineers, as well how to nurture career plans at gumi, and how to live the engineer life. I'd like to support gumi engineers to be able to live better lives while developing their skills.

For new graduates, or those with little experience as an engineer, we are in the process of preparing a system to implement technical training.

What kind of people do you want to work with?

Someone who likes making games, and who can consciously maintain constant high quality games on the market. Additionally, someone who likes working in a team environment. In the field of game development, the more an engineer can show communication skills, the more opportunities arise for them to show their abilities. Because there will be many situations in which you may have to interact with game designers and colleagues from outside of the engineering department, the ability to enjoy communication is important. We'd like you to join us with enthusiasm and put the future of the game industry on another level.

Personal Pastimes / Hobbies

1. In the past I have worked on, and lectured about "Parallel / Distributed Processing", and contributed to books and sites as a technical writer. Looking back, I'd like to do it again. By the way, the title of the co-authored book is "Programmers' Grimoire ~ Vol.3" (LongGate Co., Ltd.).

2. I'm hooked on board games like "Burgundy", "St. Petersburg", and "Agrigora". I'm having fun playing them with my colleagues at work, and at home with my family. Board games are ideal for studying game design, and for anyone who is making games, I recommend trying them out!


A Word from Colleagues


Tetsuya Imamura

Technical Strategy & Development
Director / Project Manager

(Imamura) He has an excellent track record as a technician, and has earned a lot respect from our in-house engineers. While leading the engineering organization as a CTO, he's been a good leader who never loses perspective, and thinks seriously about each and every one's career!

(Ikuta) Although he says these things, photos have been taken of me, and photo-shopped into chat icons... (laughs) I hope to be able to support everyone while having fun with my work.

(Imamura) As a boss, it's proof that everyone respects you! (laughs) As top of the engineer organization, please continue to guide the future of our technology, and as an engineer, continue to understand the needs of the engineers!