We aim to be the No 1 Entertainment Company that is representative of the Information Evolution Era.


Thank you very much for your continued support with our services. Today, the company continues to gain momentum, due to the support of and cooperation of our app users and partners alike. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

In 2015, we further expanded our catalogue with a new role-playing game, Phantom of the Kill. Phantom of the Kill is a strategy RPG published domestically in Japan, which provides users with deep strategic gameplay that is coupled with and further driven by dramatic storylines. As a result, the game has garnered over 3 million downloads (as of March 2016), and we have continued to grow these download numbers through a variety of collaborations with popular IP's. Additionally, our know-how on developing overseas studios has been highly appraised by many of our partner companies, and we have been approached by many for overseas publishing opportunities.

As a part of our 2016 product pipeline we launched a new tactical RPG game, For Whom the Alchemist Exists. Since it's launch in January we have achieved over 200,000 downloads (as of March 2016). Furthermore, our subsidiary Alim, who was responsible for the development of Square Enix's Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, successfully launched the game in October 2015, has achieved over 5 million downloads by January 2016 and have been receiving high remarks on the product. Additionally, we are currently developing the international version of Phantom of the Kill by working with our overseas offices to prepare for the global release. We have plans to announce additional titles in the near future as well as focusing on new business opportunities by leveraging Virtual Reality (VR). We are striving to continue our growth in revenue through new opportunities in both the domestic (Japanese) market as well as the global markets.

We, gumi Inc., are guided by our motto First to Try, First to Fail, First to Recover to become the No. 1 Entertainment Company in the World. Executives and employees alike strive together towards this goal.

We look forward to everyone's continued support. Thank you.

gumi Inc.
President & CEO
Hironao Kunimitsu


March 2016