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Brand Slogan

One Step Beyond.

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Company Mission

Offer new excitement and add richness to everyday life by linking people together through entertainment which transcends nationality

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Company Vision

Be the world’s No.1 entertainment company of the information revolution

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Action Guidelines 1

First to Try, First to Fail, First to Recover

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Action Guidelines 2

Think Global, Act Local

What are Our Values?

As a global company, all employees share a common set of values and a code of conduct to achieve our major objectives.
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Be Ambitious

Be fearless and always on the lookout for new opportunities.

Be Committed

Show passion and dedication towards every task.

Be Creative

Build on existing knowledge to create excellence and innovation.

Be Competitive

Increase output and quality in the workplace by taking advantage of stress.

Be Appreciative

Put customers first and the profits will follow.

Be Cooperative

Work together to facilitate a productive and mutually respectful environment.